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The reservation of any of the services included in our web page, Four Winds USA, assumes the total acceptance of these general conditions, which are considered to be thematically added in the contract, without the necessity to write it. Indicated are the duration, itinerary, prices and information of the trips. Due to the reduced space available (due to the reduced availability of space) and the advance whereupon it is published; the remaining information and the possible modifications will be reflected in the informative dossier (document) for each trip, that is given to the client, which along with the general conditions acts as a definite contract.

Four Winds USA reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments on the on the rates when errors or discrepancies are detected. All rates contained in the tariff book apply only to individual reservations (FIT). Rates DO NOT apply to groups. Groups will be quoted on a per case basis and are subject to hotel rate and space availability. The group's quotation is not based on individual prices. Depending the hotel and season, groups tariff may applied (higher tariff may apply). Once processed the reservation, a deposit of 20% of the total, it will be requested to confirm, unless, the contract indicates a higher deposit.

Rates are per room, per night. Occupancy is based in SGL/DBL/TRP/QDP, unless it is specified in the website.

All rates in this tariff book can be modified without previous notice.

At the moment of requesting reservations with Four Winds USA, it is fully established that both the passenger and the Travel Agent are accepting all and each one of the conditions displayed in this web tariff.

Four Winds USA will not be responsible for any type of surcharges, such as resort fees, parking's or breakfast, unless it is specified in the voucher or our website. FW USA will be not responsible if the hotels changes services’ rates without prior notice.


It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that all reservations are properly quoted based on the rates that appear in the tariff book. Four Winds USA reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments on the on the rates when errors or discrepancies are detected.



In case of direct sales in our offices without previous agent request and / or payment, commissions will not be recognized. Commissions are to be deducted from the total payment due. There will be NO commissions paid for sales generated in our offices, which have not been previously booked or paid.



Once a reservation is confirmed, we will allow one change without any charge. There will be a nominal charge of $15.00 for additional changes made to the reservation prior to de passenger's arrival. If the said passenger wishes to make any changes after the arrival, we will then charge a $50 fee plus the total of the additional services requested.



One night penalty, or more, for hotel reservations, plus the included transfer in for ground services, will apply for NO SHOWS. Any remaining hotel nights or ground services will be cancelled and FW USA will be determined the amount to be refunded depending on the hotel's policy at that period.



They are specified in the information given to the traveler. If there is any modification before the departure, it will be notice in the coupon or voucher deliver to the client.



Accommodations will be provided at confirmed Hotel and/or Similar (category and price). Programs are based on a limited quantity of places for each date, in case of unexpected sold out at confirmed hotels an alternative one will be provided. In most of the cases the check in time is 3pm on arrival date. The guest has to leave the hotel at 12.00 noon on departure date. Otherwise the guest will have to pay for any extra directly to the hotel. Four Winds USA, will not be responsible for any charges in concept of resort fee, which must be payable by passenger at the hotel, it's our policy not to inform this kind of charges prior, since this is a charge payable by guests directly. See our special notes on each hotel.



The transfers in and out in each city, as is indicated in each reservation, will be provided by van, private car, and/or buses. Tours will be provided with a guide, who speaks English or Spanish. In all land-services baggage handling is related to the standard size luggage (as per Air Co. regulations). Any extra piece as any oversized cargo must be pre-paid by passenger directly to the Tour Guide/Air Co. or Service Provider, accordingly rates in force, if requested. In case of our Transportation Unit is full, the exceeding cargo should be transported under passenger's responsibility and charge.



Airport taxes, passport and visa charges, handling, baggage excess, port fees. Entrance to National Parks, hotel incidentals and any extra charge none specified on this manual or not listed above.



Every passenger is responsible to have the necessary documents on regulation to enter in the Country (ID, passport, visa, sanitary permits, etc.). In case of any questions, Four Winds USA, will provide information, but it is the client responsibility confirms it to the specific authorities. In case the passenger has to cancel the trip, because it does not contain the documentation or have it wrong, the company will apply the conditions mention on the Cancellation's paragraph.



The rates quoted are per person or service, taxes included, subject to change without previous notice. The no utilization of any portion or services of the packages are Non Refundable, packages must be taken by schedule, no alterations are allowed, passenger can only add services prior advice. Cancellations are subject to the penalties specified on each program.



For any reasons or circumstances we will accept cancellations from the passengers made directly to the hotels or suppliers, Four Winds USA, will not accept claim and will not process any refund. The cancellations request must be made during office hours, by the sales agent via fax or e-mail with a minimum of 5 days before the date of the beginning of the first service, at least other policy is provide during special dates and Holidays.



All confirmed reservations must be paid in full balance 10 (ten) days prior passenger arrival. In special cases, the payment should be received on date indicated at the time of confirmed the reservation. If this one was not received before arrival or indicated date Four Winds USA, has the right to cancel or not provide the reservation as confirmed.

All Money Transfer Remittance must include a $35, - in concept of handling fee.

Payments should be effected in U.S. Dollars through Bank Wire Transfer or Check to the order of: Four Winds Group, LLC.

  • Please be advised that every returned check will have a fee of $25.-
  • In case of Credit Card payment only by PAY PAL, or American Express which a 4% charge will be added to the total amount and the following procedure should be fulfilled:
  • Send us copy of front and back of credit card by fax or email to
  • Send us the credit card authorization form, provided by Four Winds Group, LLC where must be present the total amount to be charged originated from confirmed reservation plus handling fee.
  • Picture ID copy of the cardholder. Once this information is received, we will proceed to charge the credit card and submit the corresponding receipt to be signed by the cardholder and returned to us.


  1. In case the client/guest do not recognize the charges when he/she receives the statement, the agent company who send us the reservation is responsible for those charges.
  2. In case we already charged the guest's credit card and ask for a cancellation or reduced in service, we will credit his/her credit card, minus 10 % of the amount to refund.
  3. In case the guest declined the payment when he/she receives the credit card statement, they would have to pay cash that amount plus 10 % for administrative charges.



All requests must be submitted in writing indicating names, numbers of party size, ages, city, dates, type of services requested, etc. We will not accept any verbal request. Once processed and confirmed the reservation, this one will have a due date to be paid, prior passengers arrival. It may be some of hotels and/or services, which must be Pre-paid, in those cases a written notification will attached, the non-reception of the correspondent payment will result in the automatic cancellation on due date and charges will be informed.


All vouchers will be provided once the reservation is fully paid. It must to specify service provider, phone number as informed and corresponding confirmation number. If you advise us that passengers are traveling without vouchers, we will advise the supplier.
In emergencies, Four Winds USA, may issue a replacement voucher, but cannot be responsible for inconveniences or charges incurred by lack of vouchers.Four Winds USA, will not be responsible for any vouchers issued without our confirmation or our consent. All vouchers must be issued for exactly as confirmed; passengers with vouchers issued incorrectly or for services not confirmed by Four Winds USA, may be charged directly by service supplier. Four Winds USA, reserves the right to refuse to honor vouchers for services not booked through our company.


Four Winds USA, reserves the right to alter and/or modify under special reason, without pervious notice, any confirmed service and/or schedule itinerary on the present tariff book, news brochures, single post issue, or any other written communication, without any responsibility of total or partial cancellation arise from mentioned alteration. We will be responsible of any reimbursement for a non-provided service accordingly specifications and policies of each program.


Four Winds USA is not responsible for the failure of non-provided service and / or hotel reservation if mentioned failure is caused by a contingency beyond the control of our part, including: Climatic Adversities, Earthquakes, Floods, Fires, Explosions, War, Acts of Terrorism, Strikes or any another act not directly related to our mediation. In case the passenger had reservations in the affected destination and must change destination, city or hotel, it will be by request and account of the same or by their sales agent, any expenses incurred on the new reservation, Four Winds USA will not be responsible for any payment. By general contracting policy and in the case there will be a refund, the same one will be processed after 30 days of required documentation was received. Four Winds USA will only refund the not used portions, in case apply or in the case we were reimbursed on hotel / supplier behalf, will not be responsible of refund for any incidental charge or extras or additional charges that the passenger has made out. Four Winds USA, will not become a person in charge, if mandatory evacuation is placed on the affected area, this runs for the passenger's sole account and the hotel. The responsible authority will suggest the alternative housing / shelter.


Four Winds USA, will not offer reservation at any alternative hotel under these circumstances, due to the fact that the same ones could be of risk.


Rates featured in our website, are in force as per hotel and/or service posted at each item's validity.


Passengers have absolutely responsible for their documentation (passport, visa, travel authorizations, etc.) to be presented. The luggage is not object of transportation contract as well as personal effects. Flight reconfirmation is responsibility of provider agent. In case of passenger request flight reconfirmation, Four Winds USA, is at entire disposition to help; with the knowledge of it is not our responsibility any consequence that our intervention may cause. In case of minimum requested on a programmed tour where not reached because of a justified cause where informed by the provider and the tour programmed where cancelled, the passenger will receive a full reimbursement or partial reimbursement in those cases where the tour had being initiated with resigned notification about any other kind of reimbursement. The tour operator and the services provider reserves the right to ask to the passenger to leave the tour in case of disturbing behavior to one or the whole group, being only refundable the non-utilized services less cancellation charge.


Once reservation is requested on any of our service published into our tariff book, web-site, special offers, special promotions and/or single brochures, it is fully established that either passenger as well as travel agent are accepting all and each one of the conditions displayed by Four Winds USA.

Note: All rates published in this tariff book are subject to change without previous notice and may not apply over certain dates / convention and/or special events. Please consult us in every case; dates can be modified without previous notice.